Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Eames LCW

Last week I already showed you our couch update with the beautiful covers from Bemz in this post. Today I’m showing you part 2, since our whole sitting area got an update with 2 beautiful Eames LCW chairs.

It might not be the most popular statement, but I am loving those American interiors, that are based around symmetry. And of course their style is completely different than mine – I am more inspired by Scandinavian interiors – those symmetrical sitting areas always get me. Did you see the Netflix serie House of Cards? I loved every single interior shot there, and having a sitting area like Americans have was quite the dream for me. When our couch was standing against the wall, this was never a possibility and I was kinda bummed. Because of the door we couldn’t have two chairs facing the couch. But now with the couch standing in our bay window, I saw a lot of possibilities. Let’s see!

It makes me so happy. I feel it’s very inviting, having a sitting area like this. Please come in, take a seat and have a drink. And aren’t those Eames LCW chairs one of the best designs you’ve ever seen? The thing with a lay-out like this is that you can’t have chairs that are too big and completely block your view. These low chairs, with the open design are perfect for purposes like this. This way you don’t completely “close” the area, and it still feels part of the rest of the room.

Moving our couch to the centre of the room meant I had to paint the right wall as well. This way the room felt even more cosy. For those of you asking: it’s Light Peach Blossom by Little Greene.

I am loving the combination of the colors and textures now. Velvet, satin, the green plants. Very fitting for upcoming fall!

And the black chairs match the new black fireplace. I’ve never considered a setting like this, but now that we have it it’s like it’s never been different. I just love moving stuff around and see what it brings me. And I always encourage you to do the same, see what difference it can make in your room!

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