Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Brabantia Bo

A recycling bin that is pleasing to look at: one of those products you can’t believe didn’t exist yet. Of course there are bins in nice colors, but they are still obviously bins. But what if I tell you that that black cabinet on the left of the top photo, is actually our new recycling bin? You thought it was a cabinet, am I right?

Meet Brabantia Bo, the new bin in town. Brabantia did their best to create a bin that was aesthetically pleasing, and encourages us to recycle. In others words: a win win situation.

Our kitchen is not that big, especially when it comes to the width. So while designing our kitchen, we chose to have our bins incorporated into the design, in one of the bottom drawers. This does mean the bins aren’t that big, and I think we can all agree that changing the bin isn’t the chore we love most doing. A bigger bin would be ideal, but a round one takes up a lot of space. As you can see this Brabantia Bo isn’t that wide, and therefor fits perfectly in our small kitchen.

And now the part I love even more: encouraging us to recycle. In the year 2017 you can’t get away with not recycling, it is very important for our future. This bin allows you to choose the layout; 1, 2 or even 3 bins. This way it’s easier to recycle. We chose 2, and with the 2 bins we already had in our kitchen, recycling became a lot easier. Ever since I became a mom sustainability became an even bigger part of my life, so I encourage all products that support recycling.

Brabantia Bo comes in a number of colors, so pick whatever suits your kitchen. I chose black because a lot of our kitchen accessories are black already. Just saying: they have a gold version as well.

So wouldn’t you agree it could easily be a cabinet? I could fool everyone if I placed a few plants on it, I’m guessing. Shop your Bo HERE.

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