Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Vitra LTR

And part 2 of our attic renovation is on the blog! You can read part 1 via THIS link. If you’re new here: we are renovating for over 2,5 years now and happy to say we reached the 2nd floor of our house. If you’re interested in seeing more of our renovation progress, click THIS link.

So back to the room for today! I already showed you the other side, now it’s time to show off that new dormer that caused blood, sweat and tears. But it’s up and it’s good!

Our original plan for this room was to put a table here with some chairs. As a workspace, or simply a place where I can store all those chairs I have. But then we realized we still had this lounge chair, that we love so dearly. So change of plans, a lounge area it would be. Next to it I put the vintage bench I bought a long time ago, and put some plants on it.

Next to the chair, we needed a side table. Funny detail: I was looking for a table next to this chair for a long time, and never realized Charles & Ray Eames designed the perfectly side table themselves. Of course that would look good combined! So this LTR table by Vitra it should be. I chose the black/black version, and I just love the simplicity of this design.

I found decorating this area quite hard, because of the big shaft on the left. This means there isn’t a lot of room on the right, and it feels kinda “out of balance”. We decided to paint it the same shade of green as the rest of the wall, to make it blend in as much as possible. These are areas in a house you just have to work with, you can’t take ‘m out. In case you’re wondering: the dark green is “Studio Green” by Farrow & Ball.

So this is what it looks like from afar! It turned out to be just the cosy room we were looking for. As a matter of fact, we are very happy that we took the step to use color here, since we now use color in the house everywhere. We just love the cosiness those dark colored walls create.

On the right we hung a bookshelf (please don’t judge the color coordinated books, I can’t help myself..), and the vintage bench beneath it. I added some low maintenance plants, since I will probably forget watering them. The posters are from Desenio.

So thank you for reading and I hope you like the result like we do! We still have 2 rooms to go on this floor, so stay tuned..

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