Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Muuto Kink

A new addition to our home that I’m very happy about. And writing this post makes me think of THIS post from a while back, because the message is very similar: sometimes you come across vases that are a design piece on it’s own and don’t even need flowers. Our new vase is the Kink by Muuto and obviously I added some flowers for this post, but isn’t the design already amazing on it’s own?

It is designed by Earnest Studio and it’s made of porcelain which I love. An interior should be a mix of all sorts of materials, and porcelain works beautifully combined with softer materials like in the photo above next to our couch. If you put it on the fireplace however, the image immediately looks more contemporary, because all surfaces are smooth.

I made these photos right in the middle of a small makeover, because I painted our fireplace. The vase looks so good next to the beige! It immediately feels softer, and the dried flowers add to that effect.

In this post I also wanted to show you the difference between different flowers. In the first photo you see a small bouquet of colorful tulips, so there you have these pops of red and yellow. The next photo is a big bouquet of tulips, not yet blooming, so the green still rules. In the third photo I added a small selection of dried flowers. I at least wanted to include some pampas, because of the softness it would bring, and more of that beige color.

So as you can see, there are endless combinations to make with this vase. I also want to link to my fellow bloggers from PRCHTG, who also made a beautiful post about this vase. They included a colorful bouquet and I love the result!

A few days in-between ♥ Wonderful to see how in the first image the green overrules, and the second picture is an explosion of pink.

My love for design vases has grown once again, and I’m sure I will continue to explore the options of this beautiful vase. And let’s not forget; a good vase design will even add to your home without anything in it. Have a wonderful day ♥



PS. This post is written in collaboration with MisterDesign. I only work with shops I love.

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