Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Our new Ay Illuminate lamp


Ever since we moved into our new house (now 7 months ago) we needed a light above our dining table. Going from a 180cm long dining table to a 240cm turned out to have quite the impact on the light above. In our last house we had two copper lights above the table, which I really loved. But they were way too small for this new table.

So, a new light had to come and it’s here: our new Ay Illuminate!


It turned out to be quite difficult to find a light that fit our wishes. It needed to be big (our ceiling is pretty high) but not so big that it would take away the attention of those beautiful windows. We didn’t want color, we didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars but most cheap lights looked well.. cheap. This Ay Illuminate light is perfect with it’s fine texture, good size and it adds a lot of cosiness.

Ay Illuminate is a Dutch brand and produces beautiful lights by using mostly natural products. For information about their brand, check their website


I bought this lamp at a local shop here in Leeuwarden, called Hemrica. They sell flowers and beautiful accessories. If you live nearby, definitely worth a visit. The flowers on the table are also from there, I love my table filled with flowers.


With those dark winter days coming, we are ready! Enjoy your day and thank you for reading!

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