Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Maybe you follow me on Instagram already, maybe you don’t. Either way, last week I took a trip down memory lane and posted the following photo:

This photo of Mia and me is so dear to me. She is only 1 day old in this photo, and the memory of her doing her naps on top of me is the best :)

So, have you spotted the similarities between the photos above yet? Yes, PosterTime.nl made me a custom poster of this photo. And I love it! Like I said, this photo holds precious memories and having this poster means a lot to me.

I also figured it would be nice to give you a little sneak into the changes I made to our daughters room. I switched up the layout, with the commode now where the closet was before. Her bed is now centered in the room, as you can see. I figured we would have to see if Mia would accept this change and maybe prefer sleeping next to a wall, but she has no problems with this at all. And I really like it! It’s a great way to use up all the space this room has. It’s always such a shame that we put everything against the walls and we have a big empty space in between.

So that’s the full view. On the right of the bed we now have the closet. I can’t show you the complete room, because it’s not finished yet. We are still looking for a comfy chair to put in her room and now that we created some space, we might look into other stuff as well. Maybe a nice kids table and chair for her to play on? Who knows, first we need to get a chair and see how much room we have left. Will keep you updated on this of course!

So this is definitely a new favourite corner of mine, with this new poster. Because a lot is happening here already with the colored wall, the books etcetera, it’s nice that this poster offers a bit of quietness.

So while not finished yet, I am very happy with what it looks like now. Stay tuned on this blog for updates!

Thank you for reading :)
x, Marrit

PS. This poster was gifted to me by PosterTime.nl. I only work with brands I love.

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