Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Attic update

For those that have been following me might know that this part of our attic room always feels a bit unfinished to me. The other part with the sleeping couch is fine, but this.. It always feels like I need to do some more with it. The initial idea for this part of the room was a (small) round table with chairs, like a workspace or something like that. We didn’t pull through with this idea because it meant we had to buy new stuff and we already have a lot of stuff so we decided to see if that would work first. So we simply put in some of our stuff and that’s probably the problem: it still feels like a collection of stuff instead of an organized decorated area.

We have some ideas though, that would solve this problem. One thing I know: it needs some more stuff. First up in our plan is this Square Rack, that I initially found as a kitchen accessory! But as it turns out, it wasn’t practical with the lighting we have there, so it ended up in our attic. I feel this corner simply needs some more “dressing up”, or more literally: stuff in them.

It was very easy to hang because of the wooden beams in this room, and for now I simply hung 2 hanging plants on them. I love how it looks different when seeing it on the green wall or on the white. We wanted to keep the right area free because we might add some furniture there.

In this room we removed the ceiling, so I had to do one of these photos, right? :)

This rack is designed by Trine Andersen for brand I love, Ferm Living.

And an overall shot of this area. Stay tuned for more changes to come. But for know this post reminds me that adding green plants always do a lot for your room. Something to remember!

Thank you for reading,
Love, Marrit

PS. This post is part of a longtime collaboration with MisterDesign.nl. I only work with brands/shops I love.

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