Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DCW éditions Lampe Gras

A new blogpost with a lot of photos today as I need to show off our new lamp in every way possible! Funny story: this lamp was supposed to be my birthday present 3 years ago, but then there were some delivery issues and the order got cancelled. Happy to say that three years later it’s ours at last, since my husband and I both really love this brand & design. Let me show you more!

We needed a lamp to light up this area, and we wanted it to be a wall light. We already have a floor light next to this wall, so a second one would be a little too much. But the thing with wall lights is that they are quite – well doh – permanent. So we were taking our time finding the perfect light. We knew it had to look pretty next to this chair, but because we are thinking about buying a new and bigger couch; it had to fit that change as well.

And so, after a careful search, this DCW éditions Lampe Gras No 214 via Flinders was the perfect match. As you can see it fits both scenes beautifully. And while for now I really love the Togo chair next to the fireplace, if we buy a bigger couch it will change our livingroom layout. But yes, this light looks great in both settings.

Maybe you’ve seen it already, but this light is adjustable so let me show you:

It can be adjusted in height..

As well as width!

I love it! You can imagine with such a long name like “DCW éditions Lampe Gras No 214” we simply dub it as “Lampe Gras”. And since it’s a French label, we do our best to pronounce it as French as we can ;-)

So for now it’s back next to the Togo chair! But I had to show you what it looked like next to the couch, right? We are very happy with the latest design addition to our home! I feel it matches our style perfectly and I believe we will enjoy it for many years.

PS. This blog is written in collaboration with Flinders. I only work with brands & shops I love ♥

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