Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Fireplace styling

On my blog I’ve written about fireplace styling a few times already, but it’s such an interesting subject. I love experimenting with this and see what effect it gives to the livingroom. Sometimes I keep it very minimal, and sometimes I go all out with frames, lights, and all sorts of decorations. You can read my latest blog on this subject HERE or HERE, if you like.

But today I also have to bring attention to a new art piece, made by Rowan Sterenberg. As you might know I am a lover of all sorts of organic shapes and what is more organic then the female body, right? I am very happy with this piece and I wanted to write about it here on the blog as well, to spread the word on this great artist. You can see her work on her Instagram, and that’s right HERE. So guys, give her some love ‚ô•

My favorite spot in our house at the moment. This chair is the most comfortable chair you will ever meet and the recent addition of this light was a great decision as well.

So I’ve made our fireplace styling a bit more minimalistic by simply putting some frames up. A combination of a black poster, one of my favorite photos of Mia, a paper from 1950 we found in our house while renovating, and of course the latest painting. Whatever styling I do, I always need to have it mixed with personal items. Those are the items that tell a story, wether it’s a photo or something you bought in a great place; that’s what makes it interesting. So if anyone asks me what my top tip for interior styling is, the answer will always be to make it personal :)

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
Love, Marrit

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