Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

String Furniture

YAY! After years of dreaming and planning, it’s here: our new String Furniture! Really a brand and interior item we both loved for years and would love to have at home. I’ve wrote about it earlier here on the blog, to show you the plans we had (If you want to see it, you can read it here). We used the String Configurator for that post, and you can create it just the way you like. You should give it a try, it’s fun! The original plan you see there was beautiful, but also costly and so we knew that for now it would only stay with the dreaming part. But then some stuff happened and the String Furniture idea came a little closer. Let me tell you more :)

When I traded my Macbook for an iMac I learned that I needed a bigger workspace. The wider screen is great for my work, but it meant I needed a little more distance from the screen. My previous desk was too narrow and so I got some issues like RSI in my right hand. Having an ergonomic workspace is really important if you – like me – sit at your desk for a few hours a day. To avoid worsening my RSI I moved my iMac to the dining table but really, it’s not handy at all. My work mess ends up on the table, something I really don’t like. It’s so practical to just have a spot at the house where you can leave your work. So, I needed a new workspace.

Then we finally realized that if we wanted a String Furniture, there really was no need to go all the way at once. Because thats the beauty of this brand: its a modular system which means you can add stuff later on, adjust it, etcetera. We wasted no time and ordered our first String item. So now I have my new and improved workspace, we finally have our beautiful String system and we hope that later on we can finish the original plan that you can see in my earlier blogpost.

Pfiew, that was a long story! Enough chitchat, let me show you what it looks like.

So we included a desk in our String, that has the perfect width for my iMac.

I kept the styling of the String minimal, just some pretty accessories. We love the look of the String because it is so minimal, so it makes sense to keep the styling minimal as well. And of course I had to include the latest VTWonen that features our house on the magazine rack :)

On the right we have some room left to hopefully expand this system later on. We could love to make it bigger and add some storage to this as well!

And this is the overall look! We hung it next to the door where you enter the livingroom. Because it is such an “open” system it doesn’t bother when entering the livingroom at all. This String system is designed by String Furniture in 1949 and we just love the simplicity of it. If you’re feeling a little shaky about creating your own design, of course they sell some ready-to-buy-systems as well. We are so happy with ours, it’s pretty, it’s practical. We love it <3

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