Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

String Furniture

Basically ever since we started living in this house, this part of our livingroom is an eyesore to me. I just can’t seem to get it right and I’ve tried a lot. It is the part of our livingroom opposite to the fireplace and that is part of my dilemma. Our livingroom is too wide to put a chair there, to create a cosy spot for the fireplace. But it neither mingles with our sitting or dining area, it’s a wall on it’s own. And that makes it so difficult for me.

When we started living here we had the locker cabinets from Ikea there, but they were too big. We replaced them with the Besta cabinets as seen above and that felt better. But eventually I moved those to the opposite side of the room and I really like them there. So we were left with the same problem again, what to do with this wall. At the moment it looks like the top picture and it made me realize I really like the workplace we created here – I prefer working in the livingroom – that was our first clue for the solution we found.

A String Furniture it is!

Source: https://string.se/our-images/

Isn’t this amazing?

In my search for a solution I started browsing through wall cabinets from MisterDesign.nl and String Furniture offers us the possibility to make it as big as small as we want, as well as an option for a desk. We also would like to include some storage – cause storage is always a good idea, am I right? String Furniture offers us everything we need. Designed by Nisse Strinning already in 1949 (!) this is a timeless classic.

Their site has a great tool: “build your own string”. And basically this is what we want:

We think this would look great in the wall of our livingroom, a big statement that will tie the room together. But with great products comes a certain price tag (see the top right of the image above), so we are saving our money and taking our time. But to be continued, I’m sure!

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