Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Plant table

I wanted a change for the bedroom and I already blogged about the new posters in our bedroom earlier this week. With our project attic working at full speed at the moment, we have a lot of stuff laying around everywhere. So that’s why I came across this marbled coffee table, a DIY from a long time ago. I also found myself a bit overspending on plants, so our livingroom got a little crowded. A perfect solution for this is a plant table!

I really liked the desk we had in our bedroom before, it is nice to have something in the bay window to accentuate this extended part of the room. This coffee table is the perfect size for this, and the green plants match amazing with the color on the wall.

Our HAY About a chair on the other side to add some contrast and our bedroom is finished! I am so happy with the result. Don’t forget to check my previous blogpost about the new posters in our bedroom from Desenio, and use the code “donebymyself” to get a 25% discount on posters. Valid till june 29.

I do have to make a bit of a change in our lifestyle with this plant table however. Seriously, what was I thinking with this idea and a 9 month old baby that is already standing up. I love to have Mia around me while I clean up the bedroom or whatever, but no, not one of my best ideas.

I thought it was too funny not to give you a little behind-the-scenes of this idea :)

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