Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Vintage drawer


You know those stories in interior magazines with the most beautiful items that people “just found on the street”, right? I always wondered why that didn’t happen to me but it kinda did this week! Maybe you’ve heard of those Facebook groups that are all about giving away stuff. Usually I don’t respond to these posts but then I saw this beautiful vintage drawer and I would love to have it. Those things are usually assigned by lot and my friend was kind enough to participate for me as well. She won and the drawer was mine! (Yeah I checked, she wanted me to have it :)


While it is very practical to have some extra storage in our livingroom for all my papers, I love items like these because they add a lot of character. The drawer is pretty old and some of the labels even have something written on it. It’s probably from a farm judging by the descriptions but the previous owner unfortunately couldn’t tell me where it is originally from.


I’ve placed it next to our fireplace and added some plants. I’m really loving this new corner :)


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