Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Most asked questions about our brick wall


I always receive a lot of questions about the brick wall in our kitchen so I thought it would be a good idea to answer all these questions in a blogpost. I’ve collected the most asked but if you miss any question you still have, don’t hesitate to contact me! It’s easiest to mail me on info@donebymyself.nl so I can’t miss your question.

1. What did you do to display the bricks?
This is a matter of old-fashioned, manual labour. We removed 4 layers of old walls and ended up with a plastered wall that covered the bricks. We took 2 hammers and knocked off the old plaster. A very dusty and intense job, and noisy as well. We removed the old plaster by simply hitting every centimeter off with our hammer. Some parts would fall off easy, some parts would take more time. Sorry guys, I have no easy fix for you.. It’s hard work!

2. Did you know there was a brick wall before removing the kitchen?
Yes, we actually did! So it was a knowingly decision when we designed our new kitchen. We love a modern kitchen but wanted to save some of the character our old house has. A brick wall gave us that opportunity. We knew about the bricks because the old kitchen came with the hole beneath the countertop. There use to be a dishwasher but the previous owner removed it, so I could look behind it. And there I saw a brick wall! I have to say that it was still a surprise if the entire kitchen would have a brick wall, and if we were able to display it. But we decided to just give it a try, we could always cover it up if not successful.

3. How did you clean the bricks?
After removing the old plaster (see question 1) we cleaned the bricks simply by using water and a sponge. In the days after we kept repeating this and in a while we saw the water becoming less dirty. So this part of the job is also simply manual labour and water. We didn’t feel we needed something other than water to clean the bricks, since this worked out fine.

4. Did you put something on the bricks to protect them/avoid crumbling?
In our basement we have a jar with coating that we bought to put on the bricks. We haven’t used it yet but that’s mainly because the bricks don’t crumble like we thought they would. Cleaning the bricks is therefor very important.

5. Are you happy with the way it turned out?
Yes! We are very, very happy about it. Sometimes we feel like we cleaned the bricks a bit too much, it’s quite neat as it is now. But, this also creates a dust-free kitchen, which is pretty nice. So yes!


Do you have any questions left? Email me on info@donebymyself and I would love to answer them!

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