Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

3 ways to use a Vitra High Tray

On the blog today 3 ways to use a High Tray from Vitra. I’ve blogged about a similar product before, the Rotary Tray, and you can find that blog HERE. And yes that looks like a totally different house, but trust me, that is the same house, just without colors on the walls ;-)

Now back to the High-Tray! Designed by Jasper Morrison it’s the perfect accessory for me and I’ll tell you why. When it comes to interior I’m all about big statements. I don’t buy small accessoires often as I experience them as clutter. This Vitra High Tray offers the possibility to gather those small items and turn them into a big statement, and that’s something I really like. I wanted to show you a few options here on the blog today. I thought of 3 ideas and my daughter created a 4th option, but more on that later :)

1. A display of plants

Like I said, I’m not into small items that much. When I buy a plant, I buy a Monstera that is growing out of it’s pot in 3 months, haha. But sometimes you like the look of a small pant, or receive it as a gift. I then find this High Tray the perfect way to gather the plants. Isn’t it pretty displaying them altogether?

2. As a kitchen accessory

In our kitchen we have a large window sill that is perfect to display some beautiful items. I used the High Tray here in this case for onions and garlic, but of course it can be used as a fruit basket as well, or for anything you like.

3. For stationary

We have a workspace upstairs in our attic and I find this High Tray the perfect accessory to collect stationary like pens, tape, paperclips etcetera. Like I said above, it allows you to gather small items and make it a big (statement) one. Especially in a workspace it can be great to gather those small items to keep it looking clean.

4. For toys

And while I was upstairs to get something, I suddenly found my daughter playing with her Ostheimer toys on it. So cute! So in all honesty, this is the way this Tray is used at the moment. I love how kids never care about the original purpose of things, and just create their own.

So I hope you found this post inspirational, and gave you the opportunity to see more possibilities for the High Tray as you would initially think. If you have other ideas for it, let me know!

Thank you for reading,
Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with MisterDesign.nl. I only work with brands I love.

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