Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Bloomon workshop

Last week I got to attend a,Bloomon workshop! You probably know I love flowers, we always have fresh flowers in our house. But, I am quite critical when it comes to bouquets. Most bouquets we see here in flower shops are not necessarily my cup of tea, I usually find them filled with too much green and too “stiff”. But there is hope! Maybe you’ve heard of Bloomon, maybe you didn’t. But if you’re like me and prefer bouquets filled with flowers, read on.

Honestly, who wouldn’t love a flower stand like this around the house?

A flower subscription, that’s what Bloomon is about. Wether you want a bouquet delivered to your doorstep once a month, weekly or just try for once: it’s all possible. It’s very easy. But what I love most about it are the bouquets they provide. Filled with flowers, colors, shapes and sizes. Now see, that’s what makes me happy.

So last week I got to attend a Bloomon workshop, to make sure I know how to arrange a bouquet to it’s full potential. And while I thought I kinda knew about flower arranging, it was definitely helpful! The workshop lasted 1,5 hours and first we got a demonstration on how to arrange a bouquet. After that of course we got a chance to try it ourselves and the tips I received really helped me. It can be hard to arrange flowers evenly through the vase, but I know the trick now.

Thank you Iris, for the photo!

And this is the result! A beautiful bunch of colorful flowers, to brighten up my (and hopefully your) day :)

If you want to try Bloomon, make sure to use code “marritvaas” for a free vase with your order! It’s the vase you see in all the pictures above. Use THIS link if you want to order.

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