Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation: what we would’ve done differently now (bedroom)

Part 4 of my “Renovation, what we would’ve done different now” on the blog today, this time about our bedroom. Part 1 (our livingroom) can be found HERE, part 2 (our kitchen) is HERE & part 3 (bathroom) is HERE. I love looking back on our renovation, seeing the result of our hard work. We’ve reached year 3 of our renovation now and I can honestly say I’m done. Done with the mess, with the time it takes, etcetera. But we’re not done yet so I’m just gonna have to get on with it.

I started this series on my blog because I feel it can be helpful to others. Renovation is all about making choices and I think we can all agree that in hindsight there will always be choices we would do differently. I’m just hoping that writing this down will maybe help other people make good choices in their renovation.

In the picture above you can see what our bedroom looks like now. Recently we painted the bedroom from white to dark blue, which is a pretty drastic change.

Did someone say drastic change? If you want to see what it looked like when we bought our house, you can read all about it HERE.

Probably the most asked question about our house is what floor we have in our bedroom. It’s IKEA laminate called Prarie, which was a very budget friendly option. We wanted a white floor and I am still in love with white floors today. But, I don’t know if I would’ve chosen this again. Cheap floors aren’t usually the best quality and while it’s more than okay, this is not a floor that will last for 10+ years. So the question always is wether it’s still budget friendly if you have to replace the floor after 10 years. Because we had to renovate a whole house I still support the decision to go for a cheap floor, if we ever renovate a house again I would invest in floors more. They are the base of your house and they should be good. And for all those questions wether white floors have to be cleaned all day – yes they have to. You see EVERYTHING. I love the look of it when we just cleaned it, but it easily irritates me when there’s dust flowing all around.

What I would’ve done differently is buying more expensive skirting boards. The ones we have now are also from IKEA and the quality is really not great. While vacuuming they easily break and so I would’ve bought different ones if I would have to do it again.

When we bought this house and started renovating we were very stuck on everything white. So for this part of our bedroom – you could say our walk-in closet – it made sense we chose white doors for the closet. But now that I am much more into colors and natural materials, I would love to replace them with dark wooden doors. Recently I found these and I am so in love with the idea of having them. I think it will look so chic and Danish – if you catch my drift. I don’t think we will change it because it’s not necessary and we need to spend money on other stuff, but I feel they represent the change in interior style we went through lately.

So basically that’s about it with the bedroom. I am still very happy with it – it’s spacious, light and practical. And the good thing about bedrooms is that you can easily change the setting by changing the duvet covers. It’s a small investment and changes your bedroom a lot.

Last but not least I have to show you the stunning mirror I won through Instagram a while ago. It’s the Rise & Shine wall mirror from New Works. I LOVE it! Such a cool design and I feel this is the perfect spot for it.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions left about our bedroom, renovation or whatever else comes to mind: don’t hesitate to contact me!

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