Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Green ceiling

A green ceiling for our kitchen! Yes you read it right, a green ceiling. I felt our kitchen could use some contrast, despite the brick wall there was still a lot of white. Our ceiling needed some new paint anyway because of some leakage a while ago and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to add more depth to our kitchen.

At first we thought about painting it black, like we did in our bathroom. But after thinking about it some more I knew I wanted to add some color. I thought about a pink or red ceiling as well, to match the brick wall. But we weren’t sure it would be cool and if it would add the depth we were looking for.

But then I saw a moodboard on Instagram, by Hundred Ninety (a must-follow!). She added green to a red brick wall and I knew: yup, this is it. My husband loved it as well and the ceiling was green the same weekend.

When painting a ceiling remember that it probably will look darker than on a wall, because of a lack of lighting. In our kitchen we have some high windows but you can see the difference in color there and on the other side of the kitchen (top image). We wanted it to be really dark, so we chose the color night green but this is something to remember if you’re thinking about this.

You can see that in this corner, where there is a lot of light, the color is a beautiful green. I’ve bought some plant hangers for this area to match the ceiling, I will show you on the blog as soon as they are up.

A (dark-)colored ceiling will make your room look less high, so that’s also something to remember. We have high ceilings so in our case that’s not a problem. If your ceiling is lower, it can make your room really cosy, but if you want it to look higher and remain light, you probably should stick with white ceilings.

So now in our house we have 3 rooms with a colored ceiling! I mentioned our bathroom before but our daughters room has a yellow ceiling. It adds a lot of personality to a room, that’s for sure. I like it!

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