Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


A poster of the city of your choice, the perfect way to personalize your home. This poster from Mapiful offers you the possibility to add a beautiful item to your interior – next to it being a reminder of a great place.

On the site of Mapiful you can create your own poster, you can choose a city or country and customize it even by zooming in or out. You might want to have the whole country of your choice on the wall, but maybe you’re looking for a great reminder of that one particular area in a city, it’s up to you. The layout and text is adjustable too. I chose to write “Sverige” instead of the English “Sweden”, just because I love that being the original language.

I chose Stockholm for two reasons, one obviously me absolutely loving this city. But the number two reason is that to me Stockholm feels like the heart and soul of interior design. All of Scandinavia, but Stockholm mostly. My brother used to live here for 2 years so I visited him a few items and every time I felt so inspired. And every time it really encouraged me to do more with my love for interior.

With our house being pretty colorful lately, with the pink pillows and yellow rug, I like that this poster is so minimalistic. It just blends in, and I like that.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your interior a little more personal and you want it to look good at the same time, check the site of Mapiful and see what it can mean to you.

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