Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Livingroom tour

Last weekend my husband and I were cleaning up the living room and I looked around and felt so content with what it looked like. I had to take my camera and take some photos, for the blog but also for myself to capture how it was when I liked it. I think it’s very relatable for anyone who loves interior that it’s so easy to get caught up in a constant mode of changing. A constant mode of putting new stuff on your wishlist. And while of course I have a wishlist that would even scare Santa Claus away, I think it’s important to take a step back from time to time and realize what you have. And so I did :)

Me being so satisfied at the moment I think is due to the combination of colors, and the fact that the livingroom feels like a “secluded” area. We added the Eames LCW back to the livingroom and that gives this corner some sort of an ending, if you know what I mean. We actually put this chair here because we have our eye on a chair (there’s that wishlist again..) and we wanted to see if we really would like a chair here. I was afraid it would close the area off in a bad way, but as it turns out; it closes it off in a good way!

The combination of colors is also a huge factor in what makes me so happy. Those warm muted colors really fit my current mood with fall here and winter coming. It feels like a warm bath where it’s cold and rainy outside. And who wouldn’t want to feel like that in their home?

A comfy couch and the most comfy chair ever; our Togo. I find myself constant battling between sitting on the couch and on the chair, talk about a first world problem. To be honest I really loved the Togo on the other side of the room when our lay-out was different, you can see it HERE. But, it is what it is and the full picture of the current lay-out makes me happy. Plus, the Togo is so light I can simply move it anywhere if I want to!

So, a nice little tour through our livingroom, just because I liked it. Thanks for reading!
Love, Marrit

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