Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Walk-in closet

One of the first projects we finished in our house renovation was this walk-in closet; a very practical choice at the time. While renovating can be stressful enough as it is, living out of moving boxes is something I really hated so finishing our closet meant we could unpack those boxes and have at least that part of our lives up to standard. Almost four years later I am still very happy with this part of our bedroom, this walk-in closet offers us plenty of space for our clothes and shoes, and next to that it looks good as well. What more could a girl wish for!

But, even though, it was time for a little change. While we have a mirror hidden on a closet door on the inside, and a big mirror on our landing, we now have a big mirror right next to the closet. It was an idea from IKEA from the shoot they did at our house (see link to that HERE) and I thought it was brilliant. So brilliant that I wondered why I never came up with it myself. Anyway, our walk-in closet is now finally looking like a real walk-in closet with this beautiful standing mirror. The mirror is called IKORNNES and you can find it HERE. The light is also new and from IKEA, called INDUSTRIELL and can be found HERE. I’m loving this neutral color palette.

The walk-in closet is part of our bedroom, as the previous owners of our house made 2 rooms into 1. We decided to keep it like this because it would be perfect for a closet.

As you can see there’s a big amount of storage space and I have always loved that. Recently I cleared out my closet because I want to live more sustainable and have less “clutter” in my life so I now actually have some empty shelves. The closet on the left stores my shoes, the corner one is for all things hanging en the two doors after that for my husbands and my clothes. The most right closet is where we keep our practical items like bedding, plaids, but also stuff like my hair dryer. It still feels great to have all that stuff stored away so practically!

So a new mirror and light was all we needed for this beautiful make-over. I am loving it, what do you think?

Thank you for reading,
Love Marrit

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