Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Window sill styling

Window sill styling

I am the first person to admit that my window sill styling skills are not the best. Especially if the window sills are narrow, I always struggle. And while we are overall pretty blessed with our ’30 house and beautiful windows, it will never be my expertise.

However, long live Pinterest and the collection of HKLiving. Whenever I decide to restyle my window sills, I always start with a little Pinterest inspiration. I don’t use it that often any more actually, but it is obviously a wonderful platform to get inspired. I created a window sill board specifically for this situation and it always helps me to create new ideas and motivation to take on this project.

Window sill styling is overall very similar to styling any corner in your house, and just last week I’ve written a post about that with my tips & tricks. You can find that one HERE.

So. When it comes to styling in general I always advice to create an interesting look by combining different shapes, sizes and height. I think by now we all know that putting 3 items together is usually more interesting than 2, so I basically always start there.

In this case, I used the beautiful new collection from HKLiving but of course you can use any accessories you like or already may have for this. I always keep a few things in mind:

  • Make sure there will be different heights
  • I always add at least one piece of greenery
  • Use different textures

The photo above is a beautiful example of this. There are different heights, colors, patterns and to the (dark) vase on the left I added some green leaves. Next to that, there is also a personal touch but I will come back on that later.

On the other side of our window sill I made a smaller composition of 3, but with bigger items. The light on the right is a vintage find, the vase on the left matches these tones, and the head in the middle makes sure there is some needed contrast. There is also a variety in materials, which I also always want in my final result.

Because this window is facing the south, there is sun shining on it all day long. This means fresh flowers wouldn’t last long here, so dried flowers are a great alternative if you do want to add some texture and/or color.

Now back to that personal touch I was referring to earlier. I will always try to incorporate something vintage/secondhand/personal to any styling I do. In this case I started with the incense holder, since incense is my latest obsession. I found these vanilla sticks and they smell SO good! And as a last finishing touch, I added this wonderful poem written for me. My German sister in law created such a sweet note, how could I not frame this and display it somewhere in our house. I have this over 1,5 years already, it used to be in our livingroom closet, and now it was the perfect personal touch for this window sill styling.

So that’s my new window sill styling in full view! I love the terracotta accents, the overall difference in height, and the many materials and textures used.

One last tip if you’re lucky with a bay window like us: never forget to include the side window sills as well. It can really be the last finishing touch it needs for a beautiful look. In this case I only put a small ceramic item there to not overpower the other items, but for instance in our livingroom window sill, I have a big plant and a stack of books on both sides. Include every corner you have and embrace it.

Hope you liked reading this post, I am happy you did! Have a wonderful day,

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with fonQ. I only work with brands I love.

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