Flos 265

July 6 I celebrated my 28th birthday and my husband gave me this Flos 265 light! I was in love with this light the very first time I saw it, I think it was on the blog of Musta ovi. When it comes to decorating your interior I prefer big statements and this light sure makes one hell of a statement!

While at first I would always guess that this light would be hanging above our couch, while we were testing this it just didn’t feel right. It felt much more logical to hang it above the dining table. This did mean we removed the beautiful Ay Illuminate light that was hanging above our table, because two lights didn’t look good.

This Flos 265 can be moved around to wherever you want it to be. We have it mostly hanging above those cabinets, but you can move it towards the table if you want to.

I just really love the simplicity of this design. My husband knows me well :)

So while I love the minimalistic feel of this area, I do feel it’s not entirely “me”. So at the moment I am considering my options to change this. I feel this area could use a little more fabric to add some warmth. That won’t be too hard, I’ll probably add a table cloth. I might also add some pillows on top of the cabinet. An easy way to add texture and color!

And next to that I feel we could use another chair. But I must say, I don’t need much to think we need another chair, haha. These Herman Miller Eames chairs are beautiful and I love them, but I’m still going to look into my options. So of course whenever I make a change, I will share this with you on my blog!

If you want this light yourself, you can buy it HERE.

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