Bedroom curtains

A wish come true: we now have curtains in our bedroom! I have always loved the look of floor length curtains, and the texture they bring to any room. When we moved into our house, we chose simple white roller blinds, but after 5 years they weren’t working so well anymore so I went looking for something else. And while curtains add beauty, there is a second reason I wanted to add curtains. Actually; there is a third as well!

Next to adding beauty and texture, curtains work as insulation. In a cold 1930’s house you can imagine this is something we can use! I bought these curtains at IKEA and it’s a lovely thick, heavy fabric. Even though we had all our windows replaced when we renovated our house, this bedroom wall always feels drafty and cold. Now, when we close the curtains before we go to sleep, we immediately feel a difference. No draft, yay!

The third reason is soundproofing your room. In a bedroom this might not be so necessary, because of the usual already present fabrics like bedlinen and rugs, but for instance a livingroom I feel curtains are a must. Not only does it add some texture, it also reduces reverberation so really improves the acoustics of your room. Three reasons to buy curtains that will really improve the feeling of your home. Or, in this case, sleep! We can definitely hear a difference in sound when we close the curtains. We sleep in the front of the house and while the street is not that busy, there is definitely a reduction of noise.

And as I chose pink curtains, it also adds some color. But, since pink is my favorite color ever, there was already some pink in this room, ha. That was a great indication for me how well this color would work with the already existing colors, like the blue walls and caramel colored ceiling. I feel the pink curtains soften the palette a bit, it’s not as high contrast as it was. If the theme of our bedroom wasn’t already feeling “boutique hotel” yet, it certainly is now.

So as you can see, there are a lot of textures going on in our bedroom. A wooden bed, some rugs, different bedlinens, bamboo nightstands and all the small accessories on top of that. Creating a cosy bedroom is all about layers to me, and there are tons of those in this room.

So as you can imagine; we love our new curtains! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Love, Marrit

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