Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

“Mevrouw Ooievaar”

“Mevrouw Ooievaar”

A beautiful new accessory for Mia’s room, this flying stork our daughter immediately dubbed “Mevrouw Ooievaar”. It was very easy to hang in her room thanks to the beams on the ceiling, and she insisted on being in the photo. Sure, babe ♥

This is from Deugniet en Co, and it comes in many different colors. I picked out the pink one for Mia’s room as there are many pink details in her room. The yellow beak is perfect, as that’s my daughters favorite color.

I hung it next to her room and we wave it goodnight every evening now. I love how these small things can feel so magical for small children.

Although this part might not be my best decision, haha :)

I love it when new items blend in perfectly and feel like they’ve been there forever. We’ve been moving around in her room in the last few weeks – she’s getting quite the opinion herself about things like this. I love that the bed is next to the window now, and love the extra “drape” the canopy creates now, next to the curtains.

The ceiling lamp is a DIY that you can find HERE. The commode is vintage that I painted Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball.

As I’m typing this, she’s sleeping upstairs. Goodnight Mia, goodnight Mevrouw Ooievaar ♥

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!



PS. This was gifted to us by Deugniet en Co, after I responded so enthusiastically on this item. I only work with brands I love, so thank you for this beautiful piece for my daughter ♥

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