Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 19: our hallway

A while ago I realized I never showed you this part of our hallway yet. I’ve written about it before, see blogpost HERE. And while it’s far from finished yet, we added this beautiful Round Wall mirror from Zuiver so I had to give you a little update.

If you ask me, a mirror in the hallway is mandatory. To have a last peak in the mirror before you leave the house is so practical. You wouldn’t want to find yourself leaving the house with lipstick on your teeth, or your hair being all weird, right?

This mirror by Zuiver is the perfect addition to our hallway, because the wooden frame softens the black and white look of our hallway. I really love the black painted panelling below, but it does need some wood to keep it cosy. This mirror offered exactly what I was looking for. And I really love the design as well, with the pocket underneath to store something, like that lipstick I mentioned earlier.

The other decoration you find in this area is also available via one of my favorite webshops; MisterDesign. I find myself browsing through their design furniture almost every day. The wooden ring is the Hook by HAY and the grey and wooden dots are from Muuto. I like to keep the styling clean in this area, since it’s right where you enter our house. When I would hang something on all these items, it would become too busy for my liking. So just a bag that’s easy to grab when I leave the house!

Like I said our hallway isn’t finished yet. We want to change the floor and then it should be done. I will keep you updated on this process! I really wanted to show you the effect of the beautiful round stained glass front door that our house has. When the sun is shining in, it creates the most beautiful effect. You gotta love old houses and their details, right?

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