Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

3 ways to style your string furniture

Having a string pocket (or simply some shelves) can be a very nice addition to your interior, but also tricky to keep it looking interesting. The one at our house is sold at HEMA, but the original version is by brand String Furniture. They are being sold as bookcases, but obviously there are a lot more ways to use them. I’m giving you some inspiration on styling these shelves today.

The styling above is simply collecting all interior items you love. Some nice books, a plant, nice vases, etcetera. I’ve turned the books with the cover facing backwards, to keep a calm look. This gives you endless possibilities. If you like to add some color, you simply take colorful books or colorful vases. Make it all black? Also possible. Just pick the items you love.

My top tip when it comes to styling items like this string pocket, is making sure your items are not all the same height. And when you’ve collected the items you want to put in, collect them in groups. It’s always better to put an uneven number of items together, than putting them all together by 2. You can put 2 items together, but they should be different in size or height, to prevent it from looking boring.

Since it’s called a bookcase I of course had to show you what it looks like with books. Only difference is I mostly used magazines. By using a white color scheme you can see it looks very rustic, or even minimalistic. This can be very nice, if you want to keep a clean look or prevent the shelves to demand too much attention. Obviously you can mix it up by using all black books/magazines, or even more colorful ones.

And they are perfect for all your greens! I’ve collected all my plants that were in white and grey pots. Keep in mind the tip I gave earlier: collect items that differ in height and shape to keep it interesting.

I personally love all 3 stylings so I’ll be changing it every once in a while. Usually there is no need to buy new items, just look around at what you already have and use them. Good luck and have fun!

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