Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Today I’m sharing this beautiful bouquet of flowers with you on the blog. I am a sucker for flowers: our house feels empty without them so I find myself at the florist every two weeks. My favorite is Cees Flowershop, in my hometown Leeuwarden and right around the corner of our house.

On this blog I always talk about adding greens to your house to make it cosy. After that, flowers are the finishing touch. For me it’s the perfect way to add color (and therefor glee) to my interior. A bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. And I understand that some people find it too expensive to buy fresh flowers every week, I have some tips for you to make it more affordable.

My 1st tip is to find a good florist. Flowers from a good florist last longer, which means more worth for your money.

My 2nd tip is to just buy a few flowers, instead of a bouquet that is already made. Not only offers this the possibility of buying only the flowers you love most, it also saves you money. Sometimes I just buy 5 flowers. To make this work buy yourself a vase with a small hole at the top, so the flowers are being held together.

(always ask your florist first if this is okay, don’t grab the flowers yourself unless they tell you you can!)

My 3rd tip is to add branches to your order. They usually last longer than flowers so you can use them in a next bouquet as well. Eucalyptus is also a good option.

And my 4th and final tip: by buying single flowers you can mix it up when it’s time for a next bouquet. Some flowers last really long and you use them again in the next bouquet. I just tell my florist what I have left and then we work out which ones to add.

Of course you’re also free to buy a big bouquet every week. If this makes you happy, please do! Last week I bought myself this beautiful bouquet, because I thought I deserved it. Treat yourself and have fun!

In this blogpost I showed you my new vase and a completely different bouquet. I really loved that one as well!

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