Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Sophie Lever

I am in love with our new art work by Sophie Lever. She makes “collage art” and I will show you more of her work in today’s blogpost. And you get to win an art piece of Sophie Lever yourself! Read more to see how you can win.

A while back I asked for some art inspiration on my Instagram, and Sophie Lever contacted me shortly after if I was interesting in doing a giveaway with her. Heck yes I was! I picked out her “I FOCK HORSES” print and I love the vibrant feel of it. It’s a little bizarre with the horse and the goldfish, and I adore it. And as Sophie already pointed out to me; her art works so well on colored walls. I agree, it looks amazing on the Rangwali wall.

On her website Sophie describes her work as following: a surrealistic freakshow with a splash of fashion. I have nothing to add to that, completely agree!

I immediately knew I wanted to hang this art piece here, so further accentuate this eclectic corner. I love how it stands out next to all these other eye-catchers.

So as I mentioned above, you can win your own art piece by Sophie Lever! Let me walk you through the steps:

  1. Like my latest photo on Instagram.
  2. Make sure to follow me and Sophie on Instagram
  3. Tag someone you’d think would love this art as well.
  4. For an extra chance: repost one of these photos in your Instagram Stories and tag Sophie and me in it. It’s not mandatory, just an extra chance to win.

And that’s it! For this giveaway you can choose between these prints: MY LIPS ARE SEALED, WHO LET THE DOG OUT, ROW & PPPPOKER FACE. I’ve posted photos of them below. All art pieces are limited edition. You’ll receive the art print in 30x40cm, without a frame. Winner will be announced December 2nd!

Please let me know if you have any questions! Very curious to see who will win and what print he/she will pick. If you don’t win, I’m happy to mention that all prints are in Sophie her Festivale Sale Season, so you can get them for a discount. Have a great day and good luck to all!

Love, Marrit

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