Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Gallery wall

Gallery wall

When I think of our house and interior style, I think of vintage, combined with design, colors, and art. We have a few gallery walls in our house and I adore them very much. As I am into big statements for a home, a gallery wall is a perfect way to do that. A single frame on a wall is not my style – at least not when it’s a small piece. But when you combine small frames, you create a big statement, and one you can continue to change – if you like.

I don’t think I’ve ever shown you this perspective here on the blog. It’s the view from our bed with the bedroom gallery wall on the right, and a look on our landing with it’s own gallery wall. I have always liked this view from our bed, but somehow never took photos of it. Until today that is!

The landing has the last remaining white walls of the house – it has a coral pink paneling on the back which you see in the photo below. While I don’t like white walls anymore, I have to say this gallery wall looks really good on it. There is a pink/gold theme here that I didn’t really plan, it just happened. It creates a certain softness I love! The Vitra Nelson Bench in front is our latest design purchase and you can see more of it HERE. We had it in our bedroom but moved it to the landing and we love it here, the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise pretty boring room.

Somewhere earlier this year I expanded our gallery wall to make it go around the corner. The big frame in the middle was already there, but I added the two black frames you see on the left. It really adds depth and a little fun into your gallery wall.

It’s only a shame I couldn’t align them perfectly for the photo, ha..

My ideal gallery wall is a combination of art, personal photos and vintage/thrifted items. This way, it’s a collection of memories, of a life. I don’t like gallery walls that are all bought from 1 shop, in 1 buy. It can be good for aesthetic reasons, but it doesn’t tell your story. In my house, all items have a story to tell and I love that. Great conversation starters too! You know, when we can have people over again ;)

The vintage hanging chandelier is also a big favorite over here, and now there is a very similar one for sale in my shop, click HERE.

Hope you liked this new view, and thank you for reading! Have a great day, stay safe ♥

Love, Marrit

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