Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Marble coffeetable

Marble coffeetable

A new coffee table! Eagle eyed viewers on my Instagram might have spotted it already in my latest post, but here’s the official blogpost reveal, ha. I’ve thrifted this marble coffee table last week and it’s quite the story so let’s get right in.

I have always loved marble coffee tables so obviously they were on my “hope to find one day in the thrift store” wishlist. But as you might know I visit thrift store quite regularly and it’s not like these tables lay around there everytime I visit. But, sometimes you get lucky, like I did last week. It was standing upside down on roller tables and I didn’t know how fast to run to the register to buy it before someone else would spot it. I didn’t really even look at it that good, I was just so excited! I think all thrifters recognize this feeling, knowing you’ve found something really, really great.

But, life will never be th├ít easy, will it? We have a big car so I was sure it would fit, but the store owner disagreed. Luckily there’s this thing called measuring tape and I could prove it would fit. But after that, no-one was willing to put it in the car for me – or even with me. Did I mention it weighs about 250 kilos? Yes, that’s a lot. So the shop owner (and all it’s big tough helpers running around) refused to help me and there I stood, with a table I couldn’t lift myself, had paid for already, with no-one to help. Grreat.

There was one upside: I had found this table in a thrift store in my parents’ city. And while I never ever want to ask my dad for help – cause you know, *I’m a big girl*, this time I had no choice. I’ve weighed all my options and the fastest way was to ask my husband and dad, and have the thrift store save the table for me for when they could pick it up. While I tried to arrange a time for them to pick it up at the store, meanwhile at home I asked my neighbor if he could help when the table would arrive. Next to the weight, it is quite the size so we had to be creative. I layed out a “red carpet” of rugs and plaids, and in the end we rolled it from side to side to the livingroom. I heard later my neighbor told his wife at home he thought he’d never carried anything that heavy. Sorry!

As it often goes with thrift store items, you have to do the work yourself. In this case I even needed 3 strong men, lol. Just to give you an idea of how heavy it is: after we’d put in on it’s place I wanted to quickly straighten it by pushing against one corner and it didn’t move. Like not even a centimeter. I had to use all my weight to move it an inch to align it with our furniture. But hey now, now it’s in place and we’ll never move it.

Now after that epistel, shall we get back to the photos?

I have always adored marble tables and this lucky find even features pink/red marble, which matches our house so perfectly. This was truly meant for our home, I guess!

For the styling, I simply reused all the items we had on our previous glass coffee table, see HERE. I just love this combination of books, magazines and other accessories. I’ve also reused the brass table light we had on our coffee table, since I really love having a light in the middle of the room. You can see it in the photo below, it’s on the right corner of the table.

Funny how us interior photographers (almost) never do horizontal photos. But I’m happy to make an exception for this coffee table, so I can show you the full look.

I loved our previous glass table, as I love big coffee tables – to style, put my laptop on while Netflixing, and have a place for my drink. I am very happy we’re leaving the “small coffee table trend” because well, it’s so unpractical. I was however a bit anxious how this change would affect our livingroom setting because well, this is not nearly as invisible as our previous table. Next to that, we went from a rectangular shape to a square one. When we first moved it into the livingroom, I was a bit scared it was too big. But after I styled it with some items and moved it a little to the side, somehow it clicked. I think it’s really down to the soft pink marble, too. It’s not harsh like say a black/white marble would be, so even though it’s quite the piece, it fits.

So yes, I am VERY happy with this find! I love the character it adds to our livingroom – and I just adore marble. So what do you think?

Thanks for reading and have a great day,

Love, Marrit

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