Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Oh boy, it’s been so long since I’ve shared a thrift shop find with you on the blog. So long, that I thought of removing this categorie from my blog a couple of times. But every time I thought of removing it, it reminded me of the great finds I did in the last years and I really had to go thrift shopping again. The truth is that since I’m a mom I just don’t go anymore. It’s not so practical with a walking-everywhere toddler, taking her in and out of the car etcetera. But long story short – I went thrift shopping yesterday and boy did I find something!

I found this vintage kelim in the perfect colors for our attic! I knew it would be perfect for this room when I saw it, and it adds even more character.

I know I did the exact same photo in this blogpost, but it’s just a perfect way of showing you how well these colors match our attic. We painted our 2nd floor landing a shade of red (wine red if I remember correctly) and it’s such a warm, cosy color.

Next to the red this kelim has some other colors that work great in this room. The terra/brown colors look really good next to the green wall.

And if we’re talking about thrift shop finds: this chair I bought at the thrift store a few years ago as well. I’ve thought of selling it many times, but always keep it. I remember this moment so well, browsing through the store, spotting this chair, walking ahead, walking back, “wait, what?! what a gorgeous chair!” and I didn’t know how fast to run to pay for it. Pieces with a story are always a good idea. The gold trolley next to the couch is also a thrift shop find, now that I think of it. See I told you I found some great items huh? To everyone decorating their home my advice is pretty simple: don’t only buy new items, it’s the secondhand pieces that add character and a story to your home.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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