Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Ay Illuminate

We were having some lightning issues in our livingroom. With the days getting shorter lightwise in the last weeks, this problem got a little more visible than during the summer months. Basically the problem started when we changed the light above our dining table. We went from an Ay Illuminate to a Flos 265 (see diningroom HERE), and it felt like a great change in the looks department. But it did mean we went from a lamp that spreads light around, to a lamp that only lights a small spot. So since then every day when it got darker, I felt we were missing a light that lit up the whole room.

First I searched online at my favorite webshops for a new light. We looked at a lot of options; table lights, a new floor light next to my desk or should we put a light above the table after all. But, with my love for design items, things got a little pricey. And since we didn’t find the perfect match, we decided it would be better to save the money until we were sure. But being on a budget does get you creative, and then I realized we still had the Ay Illuminate light, and we could simply hang it in the sitting area.

We had this light hanging in our attic, but I was in doubt already if that was the perfect spot for it. In our attic we decided to remove the ceiling so that you see the nook of the house. This means the light was hanging up high, and you don’t even notice it. I felt this light was a little too expensive to go unnoticed! You can see it in the posts I wrote on our attic, or well, you basically DON’T see it. Attic posts HERE and HERE.

What is also perfect about this change, is that we now have a light with a light switch on the wall. We didn’t before, we had to turn on all the lights by hand. But it’s just nice that you can simply switch a light on when entering the house.

In the evening we turn it off, because it gets a little too light now and we prefer to keep it cosy. But it adds a lot of sphere and practicality to our room, and that’s always good!

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