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So. I’ve doubted a long time wether to write this post or not. It’s about this DIY project we’ve picked up in the first weeks of quarantine. A time I have used to pick up some things on my to-do list, and it all felt really good. I’ve painted our fireplace (see here), I’ve cleaned up all the rooms, etcetera. I also wanted to finally work on this DIY I saved up to a year ago, on my phone. So why did I doubt about this article? Let me share.

So I’ve had this image on my phone, for over a year. A curved mirror, that reminded me of the Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola. It’s one of those design items I hope to own one day – you know, when I’m rich. As my husband and I have renovated our entire home ourselves, we aren’t afraid of a little project. The mirror I saved, looked do-able to us. So, I kept that image saved and kinda forgot about it – until quarantine happened and I looked into some DIY projects I wanted to do to keep myself busy. I came across the mirror image, loved it again, worked out a plan with my husband, bought all the necessary pieces and started our project. And then, I found the maker of the image. It turns out, making mirrors like this is his business. I am very much against the replica industry, so this felt wrong. I am often surprised at how easy people steal someone else’s design, and publish it. It didn’t feel right to write a DIY for my blog, knowing this was someone’s business. But as the mirror was already finished, I was a bit torn.

So I have decided that I am showing you the mirror, I will just not share it as a step-by-step DIY I was planning at first. I threw away all those photos I took and just share the end result with you. Then, it’s up to you what you want to do with it, now that you know the story behind it.

As I said I have cleaned up all the rooms and as usual, our attic was much-needed. A while back I bought a modular vintage couch, you can see a small part of it in the mirror. I’ve split it into two parts and divided them left and right in our attic. The result is pretty cool! I will show you when finished. The drawer in the top image is also new, and I love it! It’s from and I will show more of it soon.

I painted the mirror in “Vol Kokos” by Flexa, the same color as our fireplace. It works really well next to Crimson Red by Farrow & Ball on our walls. The lampshade is vintage (it might end up in my vintage shop Variety Str, just saying), the lampshade is by Palais.


So, a post with mixed feelings today. Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, and we are trying to enjoy the mirror we made, as I think it’s still a very good design :) Wishing you a wonderful day!

Love, Marrit

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