Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Giraffe lamp for Mia

Giraffe lamp for Mia

Some changes for Mia’s room! We’ve moved her bed, added some art and photos, and last but not least; added a giraffe lamp. Giraffes are her favorite animals so when I spotted this light at Sissy-Boy I knew it would be perfect for little Mia. You should’ve seen her face, when I suggested we’d buy it for her room.

It’s a really good light for a kids room as it’s an animal but let’s be fair, this would totally work in a livingroom as well. I love the look, but also the humor behind the shade over the long giraffe neck.

Next to that, it obviously is a perfect reading light. We read Mia a book every night before sleeping, and this turned into such a cosy corner. The brass trolley used to be in our livingroom, but it’s perfect here. I love when children can get items – like books – themselves. As I removed the bookshelves from her room (more to come on that topic soon), she now can pick out the book she wants to read, all by herself. And trust me – 3 year olds love that ♥

So, her bed is on the left now, and the chair on the right. We’ve basically gone back to the very first layout of this room, we just switched the bed and the chair. I’ve made some more changes here – I already mentioned removing the bookshelves. I will keep you updated here on these changes, here on the blog! The flying stork can be seen more of here.

As well as moving around some furniture, we also added some art & photos to the walls. We do that throughout the whole house, so why wouldn’t we do the same in this room? It’s a combination of pretty art, as well as personal photos of Mia and us. It really adds to the story of this room.

Mia immediately loved the art by EnkelArtStudio when it was delivered to our house, so I knew I would make her very happy if I hung it in her room. I love the bright pop of color for this color! You can see more of it in this post, on our fireplace.

I loved adding these pieces to Mia’s room. I will keep you updated on the other changes I made here. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!



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