Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

New curtains & a new wall color!

New curtains & a new wall color!

A BIG reveal on the blog today! A brand new wall color, ánd brand new curtains. I’m so excited about this, as I was working towards a livingroom makeover for some time now, and I can finally show you. I absolutely adored our pink walls, but I was up for something new. Something different, something more neutral. To me it’s very simple, I just love that I’m able to completely reinvent my livingroom with a simple brush of paint.

You might remember that I painted our fireplace beige, and that was the starting point of this makeover. I loved that color, and it looked so good in our house, I had to use more of it. It’s Vol Kokos by Flexa, and I will show you more in the next photos, and the rest of our livingroom in more blogs to come.

So the next subject of this post are our amazing “Zebra” curtains by Eijffinger. I spotted this fabric on their Instagram and I knew I had finally found “The One”. I’ve been looking to replace our simple curtains for a long time already, I just hadn’t found the perfect match, until that Instagram post. We eventually chose the black/beige after trying out some samples, that were very helpful. And after the paint job, they are even more perfect as I could’ve imagined.

The best part? They are so incredibly lush, textured and heavy, they really add that thing I’ve always missed to this corner. For length we chose to have them júst dipping on the floor, and I think we really nailed that. I love that slightly extra texture it brings. On recommendation of Eijffinger (and I couldn’t agree more) we switched to black curtain rods, and they are truly the finishing touch. We usually always have these curtains open, even in the evening. Only during some winter evenings we close them, and as you can imagine with these new curtains, I am almost looking forward to winter, just because of the cosiness that will bring.

Thank you Eijffinger for seeing the potential of this room as much as I did, and collaborating with me on this! And a special thanks to both Sanne’s for advising me so well. We love them.

The wall color is called “Vol Kokos” by Flexa, and as I mentioned before is the same shade as our fireplace. I love the calmness it brings to our room, and how all furniture feels as new. The “Let’s go Bananas” art piece is by EnkelArtStudio, I love their art and I’ve written about them before HERE.

I kept the same styling for our IKEA IVAR cabinets, you can see more about that HERE. As you can see, I simply paint them with the same paint as the walls. I know that it holds perfectly because we’ve done it before, and it saves you so much trouble if you can use just 1 can of paint for everything. I would highly suggest painting your IVAR cabinets, as it creates a much more custom look!

At the end of our table I created this styling. I usually style the table more in the front but as we always eat there, it’s way more practical to put it here. The banana leaf plant is my husbands project and it’s growing like crazy! I added some coffee table books for height, the vintage Murano Mushroom lamp, and some other small items. I love how it turned out!

So that’s it, the new livingroom color and our new curtains. I feel like I’m in a new livingroom, and I always love that feeling. It’s so fun to switch it up, and see the effect color can bring. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Love, Marrit

PS. The curtains were kindly gifted to us by Eijffinger and I am very grateful for that. The paint was purchased by us.