Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Dried flowers

What I didn’t know about having a baby, is that people will bring lots of flowers. As you might know, I love flowers! So I really loved that our house was filled with the most beautiful flowers in the first weeks after our daughter was born. I felt they would make a great memory of that memorable time in our lives so I decided to make them last a little longer. These dried flowers make the best personal addition to this room.

I received a lot of roses and I started drying them. At first it was just one and slowly I got the idea of making a bouquet out of them. I decided to use all the roses of our daughters first 6 months. Whenever I buy flowers for our house, I always include one (or more) roses, I just love them. My favorite florist has these beautiful big roses in the most amazing colors. So I kept drying all those roses and eventually tied them all together in a vase.

Do you know the phrase: “I love it when a plan comes together”? Well, this vase I bought during my pregnancy because I loved the color of it so much, and I knew it would fit the yellow theme we were having for our daughters room. I didn’t have a specific purpose for it, but eventually it just all fell into place.

So how did I successfully make these dried flowers? It took me some time to figure this out, I tried it several times and failed, hanging them upside down in our basement but it just never worked. This method works every time so here it is:

In our kitchen (you can see the spot in this blogpost) we have a nook, with a heater below. I simply place the rose there and let the heater dry out the flower. This is such a quick way of doing this, it only takes a few days. So hang those flowers above your heater!

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